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Sadly, I report I am losing overall after the greatest fear of all punters - a losing streak.

The figures
Grade A:Win  4 bet returns 0.00
Grade B:Win 59 bet returns 89.00
Grade C:Win 867 bet returns 590.80
Grade D:Win 167 bet returns 228.30
Grade D:Plc 702 bet returns 706.30
Grade E:Win 141 bet returns 171.80
Grade E:Plc 419 bet returns 389.40
Grade F:Win 182 bet returns 294.20
Grade F:Plc 220 bet returns 227.60
Loss $63.60
The killer has been the Grade C:Win which is losing $276.20 due to a miserable strike rate of 12 wins from 50 selections but I can guarantee that will improve!!! well, it had bloody well better, hadn't it.
This is traditionally a tough time on the punt as the lesser but fitter steeds meet the classier but less fit runners and in between there is a void well worth being wary of.
The guns are loaded with a couple of the Grades bets reaching larger proportions however when the winners come the collects will be high.
I must admit I was tempted to change a couple of the divisors etc but by doing so I would rob myself the chance of publicly proving whether my assertions about Target Betting have been full of wind or are viable. The next two months will tell the tale as I will be putting the pressure on so hold on and let's go for it. I am about to woo Lady Luck and a faint heart never won the heart of any fair lady!!!
Roman Koz

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