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06/06/02 Inglis Announce New X-Ray Policy for Future Sales
The long running x-ray saga centred around William Inglis and their Australian Easter Yearling Sale has been resolved with that company together with Aushorse and the Thoroughbred Breeders Australia Association by releasing an x-ray policy announced this week.

The x-ray debate dominated much of the ringside talk at Australia's premier offering of yearlings in early April with Inglis refusing to make the process normal practice.

Following the sale one of the million dollar colts which was x-rayed by the goodwill of a vendor was returned and the sale cancelled after it was revealed the colt was suffering an injury which would require surgery.

Atleast one other horse which sold for over $400,000 was returned after similar results were returned.

In a letter to vendors sent by Inglis' Managing Director Reg Inglis the basic outline of the policy is outlined as follows:

  1. X-rays are the be supplied on a voluntary basis by the vendor.
  2. They must be placed in the repository no later than four (4) days prior to the commencement of each sale. The repository will be under management of a librarian.
  3. X-rays must be taken within forty two (42) days of the commencement of each sale.
  4. The vendor, through William Inglis & Son, will licence only veterinary surgeons qualified in reading of x-rays and they alone will be permitted into the repository.
  5. Vets will only be permitted to inspect one set of x-rays at a time.
  6. All veterinary surgeons who enter the repository will need to sign a confidentiality agreement for each set of x-rays examined.
  7. Thirty four (34) x-rays will be required clearly identifying the horse by endorsement on the xray of brands, date, clinic name, breeding of the yearling and lot number.
  8. X-rays will be taken using the protocols determined by the AEVA.

Inglis said the policy is designed in the same fashion as one used successfully overseas.

"The policy is one that is similar to the x-ray policy developed by Keeneland (USA's biggest sales company) over the last five years," Inglis said.

"Keeneland have kindly invited William Inglis & Son to attend their September Sales where over 4000 horses will be sold. We will be inviting vendors, buyers and leading veterinary surgeons from around Australia to travel with us," he added.

Anyone wishing to clarify the policy or gain further information are requested to contact either Reg Inglis or Peter Heagney at William Inglis & Son.

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