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26/03/02 Yesterday's Oakbank Jumping Trial Results
Official jumping trials were held at Oakbank on Monday in preparation to this weekend's Easter Carnival. The results as provided by the Oakbank Racing Club were as follows:


Trial 1 - Hurdle - about 2600m

1st CITY OF GOLD - Bill Williams for Eric Musgrove.
2nd JOE BANANAS (NZ) - Craig Durden for Lee Freedman.
3rd BENYANG - Pat Kelly for Colin Stewart
Then came (in finishing order): Winsome Willy, Mascagni, Texan Trader, Bright 'n' Early. Margins: 1/2 length x Neck. Time: 2-33.5.

Trial 2 - Hurdle - about 2600m

1st FAMILY FAVOURITE - Craig Durden for Lee Freedman.
2nd WHAT A MESS - Bill Williams for Eric Musgrove.
3rd PITT BOSS KISS - Jason Wallace for Barry Burgess.
Then came: Famous Pirate, Boxter Blue, Tassie's Shout. Lance Corporal fell. Margins: 4 lengths x 1/2 length. Time: 2-32.1.

Trial 3 - Hurdle - about 2600m

1st VOODOO SUNSET - Craig Durden for Ron Campbell.
2nd FAIRWAY GAME - Garry Preston for Ken Matson.
3rd SHUTAYR - Pat Kelly for Joe Lockyer.
Then came: Crown Duo, The Hind. Margins: Nose x 3/4 length. Time: 2-30.9.

Trial 4 - Steeplechase - about 2800m

1st NAUTILISM - Craig Durden for Lee Freedman.
2nd DELEGATE - P Fahy for Barry Brook.
3rd SHAMROCK DANCER - Grant Young for Karen Byrnes.
Then came: Big Bonus. Midnight Smoker pulled up. Real Zeal scratched. Margins: 10 lengths x Nose. Time: 3-58.5.

Trial 5 - Steeplechase - about 2800m

1st lap - 1st NOBLE JON - Gavin Grofskey for David Brideoake.
1st lap - 2nd HOSTLER - Garry Preston for John O'Connor.
2nd lap - 1st DOBROYD - unknown rider for Eric Musgrove.
2nd lap - 2nd BALLATA - unknown rider for Gordon Richards.
2nd lap - 3rd SEEK THE GOLD - Steven Pateman for Merri Glatz.
No other starters. Hibernian Prince scratched. Margins: 3/4 length x 8 lengths. for second lap. Time: 4-01.0.

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