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16/06/02 Rawiller and Thornton Narrowly Escape Action
Local flat hoop Nash Rawiller and leading New Zealand based cross country jockey Craig Thornton were both lucky to escape further action from stewards at Sandown yesterday.

Rawiller was asked to front stewards after a ride aboard the Tony Noonan trained Brut at Sale on Tuesday.

Stewards noted their major concern with the ride was Rawiller’s handling of his mount "over the concluding stages."

Evidence was taken from Rawiller and the trainer of Brut, Group One winning trainer Tony Noonan.

"Rawiller explained that after using the whip in his normal behind the saddle manner after passing the 200 metres his mount resented being struck with the whip, and shifted in," the stewards report said.

"He added that he then elected to ride Brut in his normal hands and heels manner in an effort to keep the colt balance and racing truly."

"Rawiller then stated that passing the 50 metres he elected to pull the whip and use it behind the saddle as he had become concerned that his mount was beginning to feel the effects of the race, and that he was aware that Natural Blitz was challenging on his immediate outside. Realising that his mount once again resented the whip when struck behind the saddle, he then elected to ride his mount out hands and heels and using the whip in a forward of the saddle manor," it noted.

The leading heavyweight rider told stewards he believed he had ridden his mount out in a manner that gave Brut every chance of winning.

Noonan also gave evidence at the hearing yesterday saying that his galloper had shown signs of shin soreness throughout its preparation leading up to the race, and had pulled up shin sore subsequent to the race. A vet certificate will be submitted regarding the shin soreness.

"Noonan was also reminded of his obligations under the Rules to notify the Stewards of any condition which may have affected his horse’s performance in a race," the report said.

"After taking into account all the circumstances, and as the Stewards were not fully satisfied that the result of the race had been affected, they severely reprimanded Rawiller for the manner in which he rode Brut out over the concluding stages, and notified him that they were particularly concerned that he appeared to relax his riding style momentarily nearing the winning post," the report added.

"Rawiller was further notified that he must ride all of his mounts out to the end of the race in a manner which leaves no room for query."

Meanwhile, kiwi jumps jockey Craig Thornton escaped with a reprimand after his ride aboard Piggery Hill in the Australian Steeplechase and an incident where a horse crashed to the turf on the flat.

Stewards inquired into an incident where Piggery Hill, the horse being ridden by Thornton, shifted out after crossing the heels of the eventual winner Crafty Dancer. Piggery Hill bumped into Bone Jolter, resulting in that horse being tightened between Piggery Hill (on the inside) and both Masquerade and Ballata (on the outside). Bone Jolted then became unbalanced and fell heavily.

"After taking into account all the circumstances, and as no one rider was fully responsible, the Stewards took no action," the stewards report said.

"However, Craig Thornton, rider of Piggery Hill, was notified, that he must exercise far more care when shifting out in similar circumstances in future," it stated.

No riders were injured in either jumping race at Sandown and only one horse was taken to an equine hospital with an injured near fore cannon according to chief steward Des Gleeson.

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