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05/07/02 Australia Wide Selections for Tomorrow
Flemington (Melbourne)

R1 - Voodoo Sunset, Lance Corporal, Wilson Road.
R2 - Domine, Kattavia, Natural Blitz.
R3 - Gramercy, Kingmaker, Good Old Days.
R4 - Ballata*, Hibernian Prince, Crafty Dancer.
R5 - The Big Ask, Storm Attack, Little Dozer.
R6 - Polar Queen, Filming, Victorix.
R7 - El Nino, Lady Wild, Inkamulla.
R8 - Freegold*, Donarch, Glow Baby.

Rosehill (Sydney)

R1 - Eastwest Success*, Andre Marcel, Princely Lad.
R2 - Painted Thunder, Presently, Jackman.
R3 - Scenic Boom, Regal Alliance, Straight Proof.
R4 - Corelli, Size Her Up, Burkina Miss.
R5 - Viscay Star*, Azraq, Danzabeel
R6 - Paestum, Majestically, Domero.
R7 - Thorns, Bulletproof Billy, Oakfield Duke.
R8 - Colin the Brave, Interbank, Shamrocks.

Cheltenham (Adelaide)

R1 - Scuttle Butt, Bronze Apollo, Kastabon.
R2 - Luna Scene, Run Like Blevic, Brandy Cruster.
R3 - Scenic Garden*, Hightari, Skilling.
R4 - Ottobello, Oh So Discreet, Scenicnick.
R5 - A Red Light, Bellton, Hostile Lad.
R6 - Devil in Disguise, Disco Time, New Status.
R7 - Exalted Lad*, Kolase, King Crow.
R8 - Court of Jewels, Moved, Danazar.

Sunshine Coast (Caloundra)

R1 - Bigge Isle, Sovereign Impulse, Miss Martindale.
R2 - Perle D'or, Flat, Youthful.
R3 - Bonbird, Linea, Nas Princess.
R4 - Madison Pete, Jestica, General Feelgood.
R5 - Omens, Dutch Harry, Astana.
R6 - Scenic Peak, Hot Riff, Out Break.
R7 - Kreisler Mirage, Victory Smile, I Reign Supreme.
R8 - Gold Bolero, Vladivostock, Vain Halo.

Eagle Farm (Brisbane)

R1 - Court Ballet, Bold and Brash, Kiss the Frog.
R2 - Graceful Prince, Inconstant, Carat of Gold.
R3 - Holly's Shadow, Kingeni, Accolady.
R4 - Bush Triumph, Over the Moon, Road to Freedom.
R5 - Little Madame, Lord Alannon, Limited Impulse.
R6 - Silver Switch, Danewin Beauty, Helium.
R7 - Jack Lives Here, Jeune's Jester, Bails.
R8 - Arakoola, Nothin' Leica Rose, Merv's Wish.

Belmont Park (Perth)

R1 - Tignadina, Play the Whistle, Sobalady.
R2 - Tidy Business, Amio, True Rocket.
R3 - Golden Delicious, Bellcina, Oxidation.
R4 - Rubiton Wave, Heavy Nova, Grand Cavalier.
R5 - Tumeric, Master Clan, Dashing Scene.
R6 - Another Kite, Master Park, Noble Sky.
R7 - Our Big Marcus, Twin Power, Corporate Rocket.
R8 - Thurston, Give Me A Chance, True Steel.

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