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26/07/02 Australia Wide Tips for Tomorrow


1 Diamond and Ice Dama de Noche Snick
2 Real Tonic Sir Cool Zabeel’s Pride
3 Steel King* Stylish Lass Chairman’s Choice
4 Shaye Spice* El Nino Datari
5 Boreale Sly Rambler Bush Padre
6 St. Steven Regal Royal Kickit
7 Soviet Draw Green Pick Old Man
8 Aldarch Dedicated Miss Be My Princess


1 Mustard Inclusion Halls of Assembly
2 Al Megdam Polar North Canvass
3 Dashiki* Honey Ryder Azraq
4 Magic Duck Brief Moment Play Mistress
5 Conzeal Interbank Laguna Lake
6 Ramraid Skiddaw Notoire
7 Senor Skase* Barker Boy Octessa
8 Spillway Madison Arrabeea


1 Argonaut* Bella Vichy Chocko
2 Bellton Rusty Dusty Grey Frenzel Rhomb
3 Wilds of Virginia Our Fame Street Parlour
4 Sunturwasi Leccino Dholima’s Daughter
5 Innovation Girl* Amoroso Dual Spark
6 Risky Lass Ikaros Court of Jewels
7 Yusra None For The Road Bitovatune
8 La Missionaire Miss Revic Zero Zelle


1 Merv’s Wish* I Realise British Buska
2 Moutarde Magritte Best Ascent
3 Dancing On Sequently Frangipani
4 Sheer Devotion Clangalang Proudly Agro
5 Iron Ore Regal Gentlemen Vivid Miss
6 Smart Chariot Clanger Danewin Beauty
7 Bails The Kildare Kid Treviscay
8 Jack’s Dream* Northern Friends Eimeo Bay


1 Bellotto Boy* Marcity Hit and Hope
2 Blue Venture Edge to Edge Tjilpi
3 Kotara Stormy Bay Oakleigh Boy
4 Frisk Me Kew Lust No More
5 Masindor* Bathers Beau Master
6 Gilded Star Garlandtown Moon El Cartero
7 My Tally Grey Desert Moonah Brooke


1 Lord Tennyson Ellemonsta Dukes Up
2 Bold and Brash Bosky Mighty Merah
3 Kwiltime Arakhan Trait
4 Ikebana* Papillo Felix the Man
5 Bottle Nose All That Glitter Photism
6 Baa Ha Nattie Ransom Note
7 Latin Lass* Miss Smugg In Cobargo


1 Hot Shot Brother Orion Star Star of Vain
2 Mystery Command Another Kite The Tin Man
3 Dancing Tycoon* Candy Surprise Heavy Nova
4 Golden Delicious Dauwin Dangerous Play
5 Rubiton Wave* Pindarri Elegantly Black
6 Ohio Opal Bridge Earl of Tenby
7 Prince of Pop Perfect Minx Zaheed


1 Ena’s Pride Cylab Not Fussed
2 Makadian* Trendy Time Mookta Man
3 Irish Son Guilty Joker Hass Linc
4 Hello Pumpkin* Colour Me Special Big Steve
5 Let Fly Banyan Bay Avon Jewel
6 Pursuance Le Jester Let Me Go
7 Magic Gold Hoofer In Sync

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