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09/08/02 Tomorrow's Australian Wide Selections
1 Step Ahead King Wells Cyberiad
2 Green Pick Foreign Affair Old Man
3 Silent Senorita* Ribe Miss Rosedale
4 Dedicated Miss Gradual Tsunami Smytzer
5 Give Me A Chance Blue Murder Freegold
6 Currency Rep* Philotimo Chairman’s Choice
7 La Lagune Rory’s Jane She’s Golden Class
8 Zedatzi Prince Errol Almighty Yallah
1 Laguna Lake Jadana Manzeal
2 Ikebana Polar North Magic Marvo
3 The Ark* Halls of Assembly Thorns
4 Secret Gift Sharp Enough Chickie
5 Conjuror Sophistocat Queen’s Suite
6 Star of Florida Eastwest Success Strictly Smart
7 Time Out Eartear Words of Magic
8 Sweet Chloe* Plain Crazy Winona
9 Just Imagine Mustard Madison
1 Nip of Cognac Gucci Guru Red Labelle
2 Raquets Zidane Gilligan
3 Rusty Dusty Grey Hostile Lad Loong Har
4 Kastabon* Voodoo Sunset Brush With Fame
5 Great Glen Romilada Glenwest
6 Our Fame Oil Can Annie Carlin
7 Harsh Praise Bitovatune Mustaagel
8 Pleasant Mick* Serein Mr. Iceman
1 Madame Carrera Love and Scandal Out Yonder
2 British Buska Malumba Pukeko
3 Blaze a Fortune Fires of Ireland Talbingo Lad
4 Kid Treasure Penola Call the Hunter
5 Umpire* Final Shuffle Wyngrove
6 Sleepy Poet* Emma Ready Corporate
7 Pelt Out Break Ceffyl
8 Arakoola Merkaba Forever Amen
1 Suave Lady Orion Star Bleepak
2 Vain Zoe Classic Lady Top Quest
3 Lauda Gold Budget Real Storm
4 Eastern Standard* Aqua Taj Angel Lea
5 Zaheed Perfect Minx Ohio
6 Noble Sky Kame’s Hope Prince of Pop
7 King Kariba Stormy Maddie Dangerous Play
8 Midas Rose* Adventurer Warning Tune
1 Lion Hunt Azzurro Magic Altrice
2 Manicured* Fire Ant Of Arabia
3 Arabian Gift Pose What a Guy
4 The Wreck Might and Gold Vain Halo
5 Canny Cruise Kutisha’s Boy Cheerfully
6 Sensible Maple Rose Gold Rouble
7 In Cobargo Magic Ways Caledonian Lad
8 Desertline* This Shood Click Difficult


1 Tequila Lodge Oualie Bangaroo
2 Move It Or Lose It Master Charlie Apple
3 Hurricane Stroller Covet Thee Snippety Lass
4 Nassidorf* Oz Addendum
5 Brecon Rose Ours Truly Ballykiss
6 Diamond Sun* Powerderfinger Cooder
7 Exotikos Iggy Scenic Review
8 Newtown Intrepid Boy Wedding Belle

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